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Product Features

Real-time Data

(Realtime Analytics Dashboard)

Energy Monitoring Devices

Energyly includes an advanced visualization engine providing end users real-time energy monitoring devices data that drives savings. Energyly combines engaging imagery and context rich, real-time data to keep customers participating in their home energy consumption.

  • Real-time monitoring data from the Energyly Bridge.
  • High resolution energy pattern visualization.
  • Understanding of how individual equipments drive aggregate usage.
  • Energy cost tracking and comparisons help customers save.
  • Production overlays enable users to see how output affects their consumption.
  • Historical energy data facilitates goal setting and demonstrates success over time.

Engagement Engine

(Engagement Engine)

The Energyly Platform provides sustained user engagement through industry-leading behavioral psychology research. It combines energy data analytics, personalized coaching, social mechanics and reward mechanisms and motivates customers to take ownership of their energy-reduction behavior.

Alert end users of energy spikes and other time sensitive information to drive engagement and retention.

Home Automation

(Home automation diagram)

The Specific Energy Index is the perfect dashboard for manufacturing industries to increase productivity and profits by comparing machine output with energy consumption.

  • Power per KG: Energyly compares power consumption per kilogram conversion of raw material as index.
  • Power per Component: Energyly compares power consumption per component of production.
  • Specific Energy Index: Energyly helps you identify patterns of production wastage by monitoring SPI.


(SD Card Holder)

Energyly's memory card device reduces wiring cost in energy monitoring operational expenses. Key features of this device:

  • Can work stand alone
  • Can be used in large factories where units are far away from each other.
  • Device can be installed near panel board of distribution board avoiding
  • Saves electrical data for 10 equipments for 1 year

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Top reasons to choose Energyly

Smartphone compatible

You can use your mobile phones to track the analytics data combined with real time feedback

Quick Installations

Everything installed within 30 minutes, no complex installations needed

Ethernet & Wifi connections available

Access devices anywhere within network through WiFi

Compact design

Occupies less space and reduced size: easy to add anywhere you like

Easy maintenance

No prior experince needed to configure and hardware maintenance

Dashboard presets

More than 80 pre-configured presets.