Storm Windows – Home Energy Efficiency

What Are Storm Windows?

They’re nothing but windows equipped on top of actual windows to boost a home’s energy efficiency and in fact a cheaper way to save your energy bills.

Storm windows are typically installed on buildings in heating-dominated climates, in cases where total window replacement is substantially more expensive or is unfeasible for other reasons. They can be attached to either the interior or the exterior of the existing windows, and can be either seasonal, temporary windows, or permanent attachments that include operable sashes, screens, and other typical window features that allow for comfortable ventilation.

Strom Windows can come in two different styles – Exterior & Interior

  • Exterior storm windows are installed on the outside of your current window’s frame or casing, sealed on all sides except the bottom, allowing condensate and water vapor to escape the air space between the window units.
  • Interior storm windows are on the interior side of primary windows, popular options for apartment dwellers, homeowners in multistory homes and those who prefer not to see storm windows from their home’s exterior. Unlike exterior units, interior storms are more or less air-sealed, so they offer better thermal performance than exterior storms.


  • Frame – Aluminum, vinyl, wood and vinyl-clad wood
  • Glazing – Standard glass, laminated or tempered glass, heavy-duty glass and a variety of plastics, such as acrylic and polycarbonate.


Storm windows reduce cut down on conductive heat loss and significantly reduce air infiltration. Storm windows are a budget-friendly alternative to replacing old windows entirely with energy-efficient models—which can be a pricey exercise and can be removed at any time you’d like. When strom windows are installed properly, the additional barrier can even help reduce outside sound levels.

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