Perks of Installing Online Energy Monitoring In Educational Institutions

Research shows that energy costs are the second highest expense that the national’s budget crunches schools face.

The statement “You cannot manage what cannot be measured” resonates well with air conditioning operations. Web-based real-time monitoring of air conditioning in schools can help save money and take care of the environment which in turn avails limited institution funds to other areas.

To maintain low levels of humidity, a majority of schools in Florida run their air conditioning system all year.

EPA (The Environment Protection Agency) estimates that improving energy efficiency in schools can save about $2million. Most schools are already heeding the advice.

Use of the latest energy efficient practices can save energy in various education institutions.

Schools can monitor and track energy levels around the clock simply by installing real-time, web-based online energy monitoring technology.

Some schools like NSU (Nova Southeastern University) have gone a step further to install chiller plant optimization. It is the combination of verification (M&V) technology and refined energy management with professional engineering analysis that operates the air conditioning system in a very efficient way.

The school designed and built an innovative central power system that incorporated ice-based thermal energy storage and advanced chillers.

The school through this can significantly reduce energy costs by moving chiller operation from peak to the off-peak electric rates.

School administrators can stay on top of energy levels as well as comfort conditions for the institution using the web-based online energy monitoring system.

Green Air Conditioning Systems

Green or sustainable air conditioning systems helps to save money and reduce carbon footprint.

Institutions that implement the system will benefit from minimal energy expenses and better performance from the students. Some schools have already started using the systems while campuses are still facing the challenge of picking green air conditioning systems that can handle the entire school.

The benefits of green air conditioning systems include:

  • Reduced energy costs- schools can save up to 30% in the energy costs.
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions- which helps to take care of the environment.
  • Improved air quality indoors- energy recovery ventilation equipment reduces cooling, heating, and ventilation loads by almost 40%.
  • Less absenteeism- better air quality means healthier students and staff.

Hiring the Right Certified Tampa LEED Contractor

Regardless of whether you are dealing with new construction or upgrading an old system; to accommodate green air conditioning, it is advisable to hire a certified contractor.

Green initiatives need scrutiny for the potential to obtain LEED certification.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications encourages and supports green building development practices which contribute to improved health and environmental sustainability. More on Energy Monitors

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