Intelligent Efficiency – Energy Efficiency in Industries

Your grandparents saved energy by telling you to turn off the lights or put on a sweater rather than turning ON the heaters. Now times have changed beyond what they possibly ever imagined. Technology is making it possible to do so much more. It gives us Intelligent Efficiency, now moving faster than ever, reshaping the way we think about energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency is evolving into Intelligent Efficiency:

Intelligence means the efforts or measures are adaptive, responsive, predictive and networked. Intelligent Efficiency (IE) is the additional energy efficiency made possible through the use of Information & Communication technologies(ICT). As the Internet of Things (IoT) advances, it is believed that more applications for intelligent efficiency will be identified and pursued. An intelligent efficiency system may have many associated components, such as sensors, software, dashboards, algorithms and controls, all driving together to bring energy savings.


Key ways Intelligent Efficiency is influencing the Commercial and Industrial sector:

  • The decreased cost of real-time monitoring and verification is improving utilities performance, allowing companies to be predictive and proactive in efficiency
  • Virtual energy assessments are bringing more building data to the market, leveraging new lead opportunities for energy service professionals
  • Web-based energy monitoring tools are linking the energy efficiency and energy management markets, making efficiency a far more dynamic offering

Remarkably, these web-based information management tools are starting to change the game for energy efficiency. Whatever the technology, if it helps us collect and act on data, enhance device and process efficiency, enable system-wide performance improvements, we’ll call it intelligent.

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