Energy Monitoring Devices could
Save upto 25% in Electricity Cost !!

Energyly helps Industries, IT Parks, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls & Restaurants reduce power cost and increase productivity using state-of-the-art hardware, User Friendly Analytics and a Mobile App.

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How Can Energyly Help You?

Energyly is in the business of energy monitoring helping Industries & worry less about energy bills.

Energy Wastage & Awareness

Do you know if your machine is following it's usual consumption pattern or behaving abnormally which directly impacts your energy bills?

@energyly It's been an amazing tool and has helped us understand our energy.

@GL Anand, Haridwar

(Screenshot: Energy Analytics & Dashboard)

Real Time & Intelligent Analytics

Energyly's range of Energy Monitoring Devices combined with the power of cloud computing & mobility provides you with simple, proactive & actionable insights real time while doing more complex & intelligent data analytics in the background. In simpler terms our solution go beyond creating just awareness but is self aware of reducing energy wastage for you.

Energyly's analytics platform is also well suited for analytics on the massive amounts of data collected by the Utility (Electricity Board) companies thereby improving their services to end consumers including better focus on consumers, infrastructure betterment, facilitating of monthly bills, bill payments, comparison of segments & neighbors, consumption reports etc.,

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Energyly has developed a user-friendly applications that engage them in taking an active role of monitoring energy.

@Rajsekar, Chennai

Hardware Products

Energyly's platform for homes & industries is easily customizable allowing you to know energy monitoring across devices, benchmarking against different metrics & do predictive maintenance.

In our testing environment, Energyly outperformed all the disaggregation solutions.

@Rajiv, Faridabad

(Screenshot: Actual Energyly hardware device)

Save Money & Boost Efficiency

Energyly's range of self-aware solutions starts working for you right from day one towards a synchronized goal of reducing your energy bills by optimizing your productivity.

I saved about 7% on my electric bill during the second month simply because I became aware what the big electricity users are in my factory.

@Naga, Chennai

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